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Indian food seems to be quite popular among travelers as well as locals, and many tourists have accepted Indian food quite well. Tasting Indian food is one of the best parts of the tour for many travelers. Indian food has a lot of herbs, and spices that are good for one’s health, and they also smell and taste good. The taste of Indian food would linger in one’s thoughts for years together. After all, India is home to spices, delicacies, and for its food diversity. Now let us check out some of the popular dishes offered in Bababites restaurant which one should never miss.


Hyderabadi Biryani: Hyderabadi biryani is not only the favorite dish of Hyderabadis, but it is also very popular in the world. This biryani belongs to the Mughal regime, and it is like a high for your taste buds. Its unique cooking style can be traced back to Persia.


Hyderabadi biryani is known for its aroma, taste, saffron, and tender meat, and it is laced with local spices. Many foreigners would make sure that Hyderabadi biryani is on their food list as part of their gastronomical delight. A first-time visitor to Bababites restaurant would like to taste it and if possible, would also take a parcel.


Masala Dosa: For all those non-vegetarians who feel that vegetarians have limited choices must taste some Masala Dosa. Masala Dosa is commonly served with coconut chutney and Sambar (with spicy vegetables and lentil stew). This deadly combination is quite popular among tourists. One would fall in love with the combination of flavors this dish offers. Masala Dosa as breakfast is a great way to start a day. A trip would not be complete without eating masala Dosa. Visitors love to watch its preparation process and capture it on their cameras.


Butter Chicken: It is one of the most popular dishes not only in Indian restaurants but also Abroad. Butter chicken is rich in carbohydrates and fiber, and it is loaded with protein because of its benefits, it is regarded as a healthy dish by many. Chicken filled with spicy gravy with hints of cashew nuts, butter, onions, and cream will force you to lick your fingers.

Within a short span of time, we have earned a reputation for culinary excellence because of our authentic delicacies, and signature dining experiences. Bababites believe in delighting its customers with new innovations in its menu, which also keeps us way ahead of the competition



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